Thursday, November 10, 2016

Still Trying to "Size Up" New Preemie Diapers?

Several of you have asked about the size of the new Pampers Swaddlers P-3 diapers. To provide some perspective, the diapers are almost half the size of my iPhone.

These diapers were not available during our NICU journey.  Instead, we were provided with diapers that were slightly smaller than an iPhone.

Although my preemie was smaller than the diaper, we folded her diapers to create a snug and secure fit.  You can see the diaper we used in the below photo.

It's hard to believe how small these diapers are -- and even harder to believe how small preemies and micro-preemies enter the world.  If you liked what you read today, then don't forget to follow me: Email Subscription |Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google+

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