Wednesday, May 6, 2015

March for Babies 2015

Over the weekend, my family participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies in Reston, Virginia. The March for Babies was held on Parents of Preemies Day, which is powered by the Graham's Foundation, once again!


We walked for my daughter, Emily -- who was born weighing one pound, eight ounces -- and for premature babies across the globe.

At the March for Babies, we connected with both old and new friends. We visited with Becca, who has been featured on the Preemie Blessings website, and her amazing daughter. 

We also met a family with a four-year-old boy who was born weighing the exact same amount as Emily. The former micro-preemie's mom reported that he's doing fantastic today. 

Although the March for Babies made me re-live some challenging memories, I found the walk to be inspiring. I am truly thankful for modern medicine, doctors, and nurses -- and for the March of Dimes who has helped develop treatments, such as Surfactant. And, I'm thankful that my baby was determined and refused to give up. It was incredible to see so many other preemies walking, and riding in the March for Babies. My daughter and all of these babies are amazing heroes!

Emily is the best thing I ever made. She is starting to use two-word phrases and is actually beginning to eat solids more regularly. She makes me proud each and every day. I'm honored to be her mom and am glad that she was able to participate in this year's March for Babies.

I'd like to thank Craig, Cindy, Michele, and Katy for being a part of the Preemie Blessings Team and for their donations to the March for Babies. In addition, I'd like to thank the entire Preemie Blessings community for the kind thoughts and support during the March for Babies, today, and always.


Is there a special preemie in your life?  Please share the preemie's first name in the comments below so that I can send special thoughts their way!  

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  1. I love that you were connecting with so many people! A challenging day, I'm sure, with memories flooding back, but what a blessing to see so many thriving kiddos!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Thanks to March of Dimes and their contribution to helped with the development of Surfactant. Emily and other preemies benefit from surfactant to aid lung development. Glad to help your team!