Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Bucket List: Five Kid-Friendly Spring Activities in Northern Virginia

The snow appears to be gone for good, so I'm starting to compile a list of activities that I would like to do in Northern Virginia that are both parent and kid-friendly. 

By writing down the activities I'd like to do, I'm hoping that we'll actually do them. Some of these activities are oldies but goodies -- and others will be completely new experiences.

1.  View the Cherry Blossoms

While I'd love to venture into Washington, DC., to see the cherry blossoms surrounding the tidal basin -- and visit the beautiful park nestled between Union Station and the Russell Senate Office Building, I'm honestly not interested in fighting the traffic or the crowds. 

This year, I'd like to try something new and off the traditional tidal basin path. I'd like to visit Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia. It has more than twenty varieties of cherry trees. It looks like the Gardens even offers occasional events for children. 

2.  Pick Flowers and Make an Arrangement

Sure, I've picked a few roses in our backyard and thrown them into a vase, but I've never visited a real flower farm to pick my own bouquet. I think it would be fun to go to a flower farm, pick my own flowers, take a bazillion pictures, and maybe even eat a picnic lunch. 

I'd like to check out a flower farm called Burnside Farms, which looks like a mini version of Holland. It's a magical place where you can pick your own tulips. I'll be checking out the Farm's website regularly to figure out what day might be best for flower picking. 

3.  Play Mini-Golf at Woody's Golf Range

I never learned how to play the real game of golf, but I love to play mini-golf. 

Woody's Golf Range in Reston, Virginia, offers an award-winning mini-golf course that I've been to in past years. The mini-golf course is called "Perils of the Lost Jungle." It's an entertaining golf course -- complete with a story, characters, water-squirting mechanisms, and challenging holes.

4. Visit Shenandoah Children's Museum

I visited Shenandoah Children's Museum in Winchester, Virginia, just a few weeks ago. 

Emily enjoyed splashing in the watershed displays (I'll sure to bring her a change of clothes for our next visit) and wondering around the ambulance that was on display. 

She liked the museum so much that she cried upon our departure -- so a return visit is definitely in order!

5. Attend an Apple Blossom Festival Event

I've never attended any of the Apple Blossom Festival events in Winchester, Virginia. I love apples -- and apple pie. The Apple Blossom parade and other festivities sounds like fun!


Just so you know, I'm not getting paid to write this blog post or mention these places and activities. I'm simply not that hip.

Whether you live in Virginia, California, Australia, England, or some other place, I'd like to hear from you! What's on your spring bucket list? If you jot down the activities you would like to do this spring, then they may be more likely to happen!

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  1. We have an apple blossom festival in our province, too! But, not till much later in May :)

  2. I need to sit down and do this too. Our weather does feel like it's officially Spring, now, and I'm itching to get outside more. I love the idea of picking flowers! And I'm jealous of your farm that you visit often - I need to ask around and see if we have something similar here in Durham.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea