Friday, March 6, 2015

High-Five It's Friday: Ready to Hop Into Spring, New Desk Accessories, Pantry Chili, Pull-up Diaper Fail, and School Closures

High-five!  It's Friday -- and, you know what that means. Two days of family togetherness. Yipee!

I'd like to thank you for reading my blog post and for sending me occasional shout-outs. Knowing that you're reading my writings keeps me going!  So please, make my day and keep the comments coming!

Here's what I've been up to this week:

paper plate, rabbit, Easter, Spring, door hanger

1.  Ready to Hop Into Spring. Emily and I took down our faded handmade snowman from the our front door. We replaced it with a handmade rabbit door hanger. 

This simple craft can probably be made with items you have on-hand. All that you need are paper plates, crayons or markers, cotton balls, and ribbon or string. The craft requires virtually no prep time, it's cute, and can entertain your toddler for at least a few minutes -- which is a win-win. 

Emily enjoyed making her rabbit which she fondly calls a "rabb-eee." I know I'm biased, but the way she says it is simply adorable.

2.  New Desk Accessories. I recently received a package from Zena who blogs at Her Savvy Career. I was lucky enough to win a picture frame and journal as part of her first blogiversary celebration. Thanks, so much Zena!

Now, I just have to clean off my desk to make room for these beautiful treasures. Please be sure to check out her blog for helpful career advice.

Chili made of pantry items

3.  Pantry Chili. Since the weather was too bad for a grocery store run, I made crockpot chili from items in my pantry. 

My chili mixture included: one pound of ground beef, two cans of cannellini beans, one can of light red kidney beans, one can of crisp 'n sweet corn, one can of mushrooms, one can of stewed tomatoes, and one can of zesty chili-flavored diced tomatoes. In terms of spice, I added chili powder, a few splashes of chipolte-flavored Tabasco, and red chili pepper. 

The chili was the perfect dish -- especially after a long day of shoveling snow.

4. Pull-up Diaper Fail. I don't think we're quite ready for potty training. I'm realizing that children need to be able to pull down pants and a diaper in order to use the potty. Doh! 

I bought Emily a set of pull-ups. I think she likes the switch from Sesame Street characters to Dora, but she hasn't mastered the concept of pulling clothing up or down. 

I also think potty training might be an easier task to tackle in warmer months when less clothing is needed.

5.  Snow Days and Thoughts About School. Our local school district has been canceling school an awful lot. I'm not sure how working parents with school-aged children are handling all of these closures. 

I suppose that many parents are using up vacation days to stay at home with children while school is out. But what happens when both parents run out of vacation and sick days?

Yesterday, the school district and the federal government was closed. Today, the school district is closed and the federal government has a two-hour delay in its start time. 

Why am I mentioning this? If you're considering daycare or preschool, it's important to understand the facility's calendar, including holidays, and teacher in-service days. Take a look at the number of days the school is in session and the tuition rates. Determine the cost of care per day. In addition, understand the institution's weather policies, and reasons for school closures. 

Some schools in our area follow the local school district when it comes to closures and delays. Others follow the federal government's schedule -- which appears to show a bit more restraint when it comes to closures. 


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  1. We had some pantry chili this weekend too - a great way to clear things out. And it was so yummy! Your recipe sounds good - love the mix of beans. I need to do the bunny door craft. Elizabeth would love it! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. I'm so happy things have warmed up!! I don't even mind the rain- I'm just so glad it's not cold anymore!