Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Easy Christmas Tree Craft

Are you looking for a simple Christmas craft for your toddler?  This Christmas tree craft is something your toddler can create -- with minimal help from mom, dad, or another family member. It requires little prep time and very few supplies. In fact, you probably already have everything you need!


  • One toilet paper roll
  • Green construction paper 
  • Crayons
  • Stickers 
  • Scissors
  • Paint (optional)

Using the green construction paper, cut out the shape of a Christmas tree.

Let your toddler color "decorations" on the tree's greenery -- and on the toilet paper roll, which will serve as the tree's trunk. If you're brave and not afraid of getting messy, you can even have your toddler paint the tree. As you can see, we opted for coloring with crayons to reduce the mess!
You can also offer your toddler stickers to place on the tree. This was my toddler's favorite part of this craft. She enjoyed playing with the stickers and crunching them up before placing them onto the tree -- creating a three dimensional effect. She also used the borders surrounding the stickers to create garland-like decorations. Don't forget to have your toddler decorate both sides of the tree and all around the toilet paper roll.

Once the decorations are complete, cut two slits into the top of the toilet paper roll.

Then, place the green portion of the tree into the slits so it stands up! Ta-dah!  You now have a toddler-created Christmas tree!

I hope you enjoy this fun and easy craft. My family wishes you many blessings this Christmas and in the New Year!

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