Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday - Getting Ready for Winter

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Summer's almost over.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to watching the leaves change color, layering clothing, putting our fireplace to use (which also means it's time for hot chocolate and s'mores), and wearing winter coats.

Emily has outgrown most of her clothes from last winter. At that time, my little preemie was still wearing six- month, nine-month, and 12-month clothing, depending on the brand and the style.  I'm not sure how big she will be by the time a coat is needed this year, but I've already started to collect new items for her winter 2014-2015 wardrobe.

Last year, I bought Emily an adorable Corky and Company coat on Zulily, an online retailer that offers limited-time deals. I had never heard of Corky and Company, but thought the company's coats were absolutely adorable!  I bought Emily a grey bear-like button-up coat, made from furry material and complete with ears!

A few months ago, I noticed that Corky and Company products were on sale again at Zulily. I splurged and ended up buying Emily two fabulous coats. I can't wait until is cold enough for her to wear them. I bought both coats in size 2T. I recently had Emily try the coats on. They look HUGE on her. Maybe the coats will end up fitting Emily for two winters!

The first coat is my favorite! It's a fun coat, featuring many bright colors, including pink and orange.

The second coat is a little bit more dressy and sophisticated.  It's pink, white, and grey. I think both coats are totally diva-licious!

Have you started to collect clothing, accessories, and other essentials for the winter? Check out Zulily -- if you haven't already -- for some great finds!

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  1. I have boys. I love the cute girl clothes!!

  2. Love these! Emily will look great in them! Bring on the colder temps!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. So CUTE!! Love the diva style. :)

  4. This Grandma loves the fun coat. Now for a fun pair of boots, hat and mittens...maybe I have to take up knitting.

  5. These are so cute!!!!