Monday, July 7, 2014

Mini-Morsel Monday

Do you ever have things to say, but when you write them down they only amount to a sentence or two? That's me today. I'm not speechless. I have really important things to share with my readers, but they're just two quick snippets. As a result, I'm calling today "Mini-Morsel Monday."

Mini-Morsel #1:  Shh! I have a BIG secret to share! If you're curious about my BIG news, please stay tuned in to a Preemie Blessings throughout the week. And, if you're into predictions, please feel free to comment on this blog post with your best guess about my upcoming announcement.  I'm enjoying reading best guesses on the Preemie Blessings Facebook page, but I'm not quite ready to spill the beans yet!

Mini-Morsel #2:  I want to share a new discovery! Is your preemie, infant, or toddler able to blow bubbles? My preemie has not yet developed the muscles or the skills needed to blow bubbles, so I end up blowing bubbles for her.

Although it's exciting to chase and pop bubbles once they have formed, it's not fun to be left out of the bubble-making process. I've discovered an alternative to the plastic wand that is typically included in a bottle of bubble solution:  a fly swatter. I picked up a few on sale at the local grocery store for 99 cents each.

This morning, I put a little bubble solution in a plastic container and helped my preemie soak the square portion of the fly swatter in it. Together, we worked to move the fly swatter back and forth in the air to create bubbles. The process was a little sticky, but lots of fun!  Is there a household product that you use as a bubble wand?

Preemie Blessings appreciates your readership and hopes you enjoyed "Mini-Morsel Monday." Perhaps we should make this a weekly event. Please check Preemie Blessings throughout the week if you'd like to know my secret. 


  1. so curious now! Are you pregnant???

  2. I'm curious too! :) I love that you made making bubbles fun for your sweet little one. I can't wait to find out... I was wondering if you were pregnant as well? ;) LOL!

  3. Maybe you, Craig, Bentley, and Emily will be moving ?

  4. Fly Swatter? Genius!!! We love bubbles too. My nosey self can't wait to hear the secret :)

  5. We used to make bubbles using an old noodle strainer.It was a lot of fun for the kids. We also used to make bubble pipes out of the hollow leaf stalks of a papaya tree. :)