Monday, May 19, 2014

Five Tips for a Sucessful Baby and Me Swim Class

Emily and I recently started taking Baby and Me Swim Classes. The class consists of circle time and familiar children's songs.

We sang the "Hokey Pokey" and the "Wheels on the Bus" song. We both enjoyed splashing in the water and turning ourselves around.

Our class even included what I like to call a "diving" component. For this portion of the class, Emily and all of the other babies sat on the edge of the pool. We sang the "Humpty Dumpty" song and when we got to "had a great fall," we gradually helped our babies into the water.

Emily is enjoying the water and the opportunity to people watch. I'm hoping that the class will provide her with a good introduction to swimming and prepare her for a future beach trip.

Are you thinking about signing up for a Baby and Me Swim Class? Below are a few tips to help you have a successful course:

(1) Keep It Simple:  Wear Your Swim Suit Under Your Clothing

I highly recommend wearing your swim suit and something comfortable, like a track suit, to the pool. To make life simple, I also suggest wearing flip flops. This clothing will be easy to take off when you arrive to the pool.
After the swimming class, dry yourself off and put on the same clothes that you wore en route to the pool on top of your bathing suit. This will save you time and allow you to focus on getting your baby out of his or her wet suit and into dry clothing. You can shower and change once you get home. 

(2) Layer Your Baby's Diapers to Protect The Health and Safety of Other Swimmers


If a baby poops in our community pool, the entire pool is shut-down to protect the health and safety of swimmers. During the closure, the pool operator will chlorinate the pool in order to kill germs and prevent recreational water illnesses, such as Crypto, Giradia, and Shigella.

To avoid a fecal accident, I recommend dressing your baby in three layers of diapers right before you enter the pool:  a swim diaper, plastic plants, and a swim suit. It may seem like a lot of clothing, but who wants to be the mom who didn't appropriate layer her baby's diapers and caused a pool closure?  The goal is to contain any accidents.

Since our drive to the pool is 20 minutes long, I dress Emily in her swim top, but don't put on her three layers of diapers until the last minute -- right before we get in the pool.
(3) Bring Plastic Bags

I recommend that you pack a large plastic bag to hold your baby's wet clothing. That way, your bag, extra diapers, and wipes won't get soaked on the way home.

(4) Bring a Waterproof Camera

If you have a waterproof camera or are able to borrow one, bring it with you to the pool. The pictures will be great memories to feature in your baby book.
(5) Leave Your Valuables at Home 

Our community pool has a locker room where you can leave your bag and other personal items.  The lockers have locks, but I found them to be difficult to work.  So, I ended up putting my bag on a bench within eye-sight of the pool.  Be sure to leave your valuables at home.


  1. Good tips! Now if only there were such a program in my area! (I can't even swim, but want Baby C to learn.)

  2. Very good ideas! I wish I had had this when my kids took those classes...

  3. Fun! How old is your daughter? We have quite a few friends who have talked about joining a pool this year, and have thought about doing something like this with our 7 month old, but wasn't sure how young is too young...

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! My daughter is a preemie so she has two ages. Her actual age is 16 months and her adjusted age is 13 months (as she was born three months early). Our swimming class is open to babies ranging from six months old to 18 months old. The class is a lot of fun and it's only a half hour long. At the first class the pool operator mentioned that if swimming classes weren't "right for us" that we could ask for a prorated refund. It might be fun to take your baby when you are ready and feel it is appropriate!

  4. I agree that these are good tips. When I saw "waterproof camera", I thought about those old disposable ones. Do they still sell those?

  5. Bringing a waterproof camera is so important! I'm always so glad when I do. These years don't last long. My daughter isn't much younger than yours. She is 15 months old.

  6. LOVE these tips so much!! My daughter and I just signed up for one!! I can't wait!

  7. Sounds like a fun outing! We have a pool in our backyard and thank goodness neither of the kids have ever pooped in there! Swimming with babies is so fun :)

  8. Great tips I would always forget the plastic bag.

  9. So cute! My 5yo takes swimming lessons and I always love watching the baby+me classes. So so so adorable. And now my littlest is now old enough to start - thanks for the tips!

  10. Great tips! I plan to take Little Bee to the pool this summer. I appreciate the triple layer swim bottoms and also the disposable camera!

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  12. I agree with the extra bag. I learned that the hard way. Lol. :-)