Saturday, March 15, 2014

We Got Our Pampers Reward

This morning, I heard a knock on the door and the squeal of breaks.  The mailman had dropped off a package for me from Pampers Rewards by Gifts to Grow.
I've been a loyal member of the Pampers Rewards Program for 12 months and have been eagerly awaiting my one-year gift.  As a member of the program, I earn special gifts just for entering one diaper or wipes code each month.  The first gift is for entering a diaper or wipes code for three consecutive months, then six months, nine months, and 12 months.

After 12 months of successfully entering codes every month, Pampers gave me a choice of three different gifts:  a Shutterfly 12x12 Photo Book; a Melissa & Doug® Beginner Band Set; or a Smart Play Pad™.  It was hard to make a decision on my gift, since each option was of great interest.  Since my preemie loves gadgets, including my iPad and iPhone, I thought she would enjoy the Smart Play Pad™. 
The Smart Play Pad arrived today.  Although Emily is too young for it (the age recommendation is two years), I let her examine the Smart Play Pad™.  She basically used the Smart Play Pad™ as a drum, hitting all of the various keys at once.  I think it will be a great gift for her to grow into. Thank you, Pampers Rewards by Gifts to Grow!

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