Thursday, October 31, 2013

Follow-up May Be Necessary for Synagis Delivery

If your baby has been approved for Synagis, you may want to follow-up with your pediatrician and your insurance company's specialty pharmacy division to keep track of its shipment and delivery. This will help ensure that your baby receives Synagis -- a prescription medication that is used to help prevent a serious lung disease caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) -- in a timely and efficient manner.

called the pediatrician's office this morning to determine when my daughter's Synagis would be delivered so that we could schedule our November appointment for the administration of the drug. Although my daughter was approved for Synagis earlier this month, the pediatrician's office has encountered some challenges with our insurance company's specialty pharmacy division, particularly when it comes to the delivery of the drug.  

The specialty pharmacy division wants to send the drug to my home instead of the pediatrician's office. I do not have a medical background and do not know how to properly store, handle, or administer Synagis. Accordingly, I was required to provide consent to the specialty pharmacy division to have the drug sent to our pediatcian's office, which is considered a third-party. I also had to provide the specialty pharmacy division with our daughter's height and weight to ensure that the proper Synagis doseage is shipped. I will need to call the specialty pharmacy division monthly to order the drug and provide height and weight information. This data is then verified with the pediatrician's office.

By way of background, the pediatrician seeks approval for Synagis from each individual patient's insurance company and its specialty pharmacy division. If approved, the specialty pharmacy division then provides the drug for that patient. Since the pediatrician's office is working with many insurance companies and specialty pharmacy divisions to obtain Synagis for multiple patients, you want to follow-up concerning shipping and delivery to make sure things are on track for the administration of the drug. 

Key Tips:

You should have the following information available when calling the specialty pharmacy division concerning the order, shipment, and delivery of Synagis:

-Your baby's health insurance card; and
-Your baby's most recent height and weight, as well as the date in which that information was recorded.


  1. Glad you made the follow up phone call and got this information. I have a hard time believing the pharmacy would send any parent this or any drug that needs to be given by injection.

  2. It would had been nice if our insurance company's special pharmacy division would have sent us information about the ordering and shipping process, along with our Synagis approval letter. Apparently, we are supposed to receive a "Welcome Packet" concerning the specialty pharmacy division and how it works. According to customer service, the welcome packet won't be coming right away since we were only approved for the drug earlier this month. It seems strange that the packet would be delayed -- especially since we were approved to start receiving Synagis in November (which is tomorrow).